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Stay Warm on Cold Days--Soup poll

Chilly days coming, we are looking to add some soups to the menu, what one would be your top choice?

  • 0%Brisket Stew

  • 0%Pulled Pork Soup

  • 0%Pulled Pork/Brisket Chili

You can vote for more than one answer.

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02 जून

Driest pulled pork sandwich I ever had. No real taste. I could only eat half of this $12.00 sandwich and gave up on it. Dougies' management needs to go to Texas to visit a few real BBQ places. Wish I had kept my money. Went to Hollobaugh's Strawberrry Festival and waited an outrageous amount of time only to be extremely disappointed. Service was so slow that I got sunburned waiting in line. They didn't even have napkins.

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